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Vore Is Badass by General-Blackjack Vore Is Badass :icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 1 4
Swamp Sweets

      "Louis?! Where are you?!", Tiana called out into the trees at the swamp. She sighed and leaned against the cart she had brought with her. It was loaded with a big and heavy sack. Tiana looked around for a few seconds until she heard a bubbling sound coming from the water. She looked just off to her side and saw the water start to churn. She smiled and stepped back a few feet. A large fat alligator rose out of the water and walked onto the dirt road, his belly bouncing the whole time. Tiana gave him a big towel and he dried himself off quickly. Then he pulled Tiana into an alligator hug and gave a big toothy smile. "Hey, Tiana! How's everything going?! Did you enjoy the Mardi Gras celebration?!" "Mmmmmmfffff!", Tiana muffled since her face pressed into Louis's soft chest. Louis realized what he was doing and pushed her off of him. "Oh! So sorry, Tiana! I didn't mean it!" Tiana gasped for a bit of air and laughed. "Hahaha! It's fine Louis!" She wrapp
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 2 0
The Elephant In The Room

       It was a beautiful spring morning in the city of Gainesville in the year 1907. The people were already out and going about their routines such as going to work or running errands. Meanwhile in a large house situated in the north side of town a male human in his mid teens was still asleep in his bed. He tossed and turned in it until his body fell off the bed and onto the floor. *thud* "Ow!" The boy was jolted awake and he rubbed his back to ease the pain from the sudden impact with the wooden floor. "Ugh.", he groaned. He got up from the floor and stretched out his arms. *yawn* He smacked his lips and scratched his butt before making his way to the mirror to examine his appearance. "God I look horrible!", he exclaimed. His black hair was long and messy so he grabbed a comb and straightened it out by pulling it down on both sides of his head. He went to his wardrobe and got out some clean clothes to put on. He changed into the new clothes and w
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 18 2
Birthday Poem For VoraciousRose
I know a woman named Voracious Rose
Tis to her I give this birthday poem
In vore she is one of the pros
And she uploads with the help of her internet modem
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 0 2
Animal I Have Become
       Zootopia was a place where civilized animals learned not to to be predator or prey. It was mostly like that save for a few weeks where a few animals went savage due to the night howler serum that was injected into them. While it was fortunate that no prey animals had been eaten, there were certain criminals who the citizens felt should have been eaten. There was one in particular that Nick Wilde had been tracking for some time. His target was a male rooster who was wanted for unspeakable crimes. The crimes in question were sexual offenses, specially against hens and chicks. Nick had first read the rooster's rap sheet in Bogo's office a week prior to his hunt and he was horrified at what the had done. Bogo told him not to take the case since the fox had been traumatized during his childhood and would let his personal feelings get in the way. Coincidentally this was just before Nick was to have an entire week off of work to be with Judy at thei
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 9 4
Eating Out
      *beep beep* *beep beep* I slowly opened my eyes. *beep beep* I looked at my digital alarm clock trying to read the time. Slowly everything came into the focus. "11:30.", I mumbled under my breath. *beep beep* I slowly extended my hand over the clock and pressed the shutoff button. By instinct my body rose up from my bed. I opened my mouth wide and stretched out my arms. *yawn* I smacked my lips in a groggy manner and stood up on my feet to pop my backbones. Suddenly my body startled to wobble and nearly forced my knees to buckle. I immediately grabbed hold of the bedpost with one hand and panted for a few seconds before calming down. After securing my stability I cursed to myself. "Damn it." I regained my balance, unplugged my iPhone from the charger, put on a white shirt and blue jean shorts, and slowly walked out of my bedroom, down the hall and finally got to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and got out a bottle of milk and a ham sandwich before sitting down to
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 19 1
A Christmas Feeding
      It was a snowy evening in the city Zootopia. The sun had just set and animals were out and about all bundled up in warm clothes. Most of them were going in and out of stores doing their yearly Christmas shopping. One of the stores, the Furever 21, was on the verge of closing and there were just a few kids left who were lined up to sit on Santa's lap. The one wearing the red suit was none other than the big bellied cheetah Benjamin Clawhauser. It was only natural that he donned the suit because of his fat frame. Clawhauser giggled as a young tiger cub hopped onto his lap. He smiled at the little boy and asked him, "Have you been good this year, little one?" The cub nodded. "Yes, Santa Claws." Clawhauser reached into his pocket and pulled out a candy cane which the cub took with appreciation. "Thanks, Santa!" They both turned towards the camera that the cub's mother was holding. Clawhauser hugged him tight as she pressed the shutter release button. The cub giggled an
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 10 5
Fat Cat
      A shadow of a woman with catlike ears and a tail dashed across the wall of a skyscraper over the streets of Gotham below. The woman to whom the shadow belonged to landed on all fours in dark alley. She was furry all over her body to compensate for the lack of clothing, not that she needed it since it would constrict her movements. It was none other than Cheetah who was prowling the city, looking for anything valuable to steal. Though she was on Catwoman's territory she and her got along together. After all, Catwoman herself had been transformed into a big cat. But in the end she turned back into a human because she didn't want to be imprisoned or seen as a freak.
      Cheetah had felt the same things when she transformed, so she had great respect for Catwoman. That's why she was in Gotham. She visited the jewel thief's home on a regular basis, and this was just another visit for her. *grrrrrrrrrrrr* Cheetah's sensitive ears perked up and she looked
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 20 13
Valka's Munchies
      It was late at night on the island of Berk. All the Vikings were asleep with their dragons, except for Valka, Astrid, and Hiccup. They were camped out in the cove and had their respective dragons to sleep back in the village. A fire had been built and a bag of food was next it. "So, Hiccup.", Valka said to her son, "What do you want to do first?" Hiccup looked around and got out a small sack from his pocket as she and Astrid looked on. The sack was opened to reveal rolls of padded paper filled with dragon nip. Valka's eyes widened. "Hiccup, how often do you do this?", she asked. Hiccup answered, "Oh, about once or twice a month. One must keep it that way because of the effects." "Remember, Valka.", Astrid said as she handed one to her, "Since this is your first time, do it slowly. Personally, I think it would be fun to see how you will react to it." Hiccup smirked a bit, then regained his composure. Valka blushed a bit and slowly moved her joint to the fire, settin
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 5 0
The Button by General-Blackjack The Button :icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 0 2
Best Valentine's Day Ever

      Valentine's Day is for people who want to show their love to each other in their own way. Mostly it's couples, but sometimes it can be three or more. Nothing wrong with that. After all, I live with three hybrid shark women. Their portraits are above. Audrey is at the top. On the bottom left is Ashley and next to her is Amber. They have been living in my house for nearly a year. We have been a foursome for that amount of time. And today we reached a new milestone. And that was our very first Valentine's day together. As for me, my name is Jack. I am a nineteen year old, six foot two, white male with black hair and brown eyes. I grew up along the coastline where I met my lovers. Obviously I'm small fry compared to them, but I like it that way. They are about ten feet tall and have very thick and toned bodies. Other than their bountiful bosoms, I admire their abdomens as
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 28 2
The Discovery
      Astrid was walking through the forest away from the cove back to the village. She thought about how Cloudjumper was able to swallow that entire dead whale whole when he found it washed up on the beach. Her mind flashed back to a few days earlier in the late afternoon. Astrid had been alone with Valka's stormcutter while Valka was with Hiccup, Stormfly and Toothless back at the house. She wanted take a walk and Cloudjumper needed some free time as well. The dragon picked her up with his mouth and playfully tossed her onto his back. Astrid laughed. "Nice trick, Cloudjumper!", she said and then patted his head. Cloudjumper grunted back happily and started walking in the direction of the cove. "So, Cloudjumper. You lik-" She was cut off by a loud growling sound that came from the dragon. However it didn't come from his mouth. Another growl was heard and Astrid looked down at where she was sitting on. "Oh, I see now. You're hungry, aren't you?" Cloudjumper nodded and co
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 19 2
Untitled Story (For Now) Chapter 2

      The water was very calm, although it was bobbing my boat up and down quite a bit. The boat was actually a fishing yacht, all white with 3 levels and 150 feet long. I was at the controls, carefully looking at the instruments to make sure we were on course. Audrey on the other hand was sitting in an extra large lounge chair, with metal legs that had a little bit of rust on them. The armrests were a little too wide for her put her arms on them comfortably. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit and a pair of large aviator glasses. Her belly was still a bit big from the breakfast I gave her back at the house. "Ugh, what's with this chair, Jack? It looks like it's really old." "It came with the boat.", I replied, "My friend used to own all of this, and that chair. He was of your kind, a shark guy. His name was Joe Finson, and we knew him for his size. He was so fat that whenever he went out fishing, we would all joke that the fish prices went up every tim
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 16 1
Untitled Story (For Now) Chapter 1

     It was late at night, specifically 2 A.M. in the city of Galveston. All the residents were either turning in to bed had already done so, but I refused to conform to their routine. This was because I was on my computer researching several reports of tuna fish thefts around the city. Thoughts were racing through my mind, taking guesses of who was probably committing the thefts. There were pictures of huge tuna fish cleanly bitten of half. "Clearly this is the work of someone who has razor sharp teeth and a huge mouth.", I thought to myself. "After all, human-animal hybrids are living on this planet as well." The pictures of the half-eaten fish caused my slightly distended stomach to growl, causing me to rub it gently with my hand. I then looked at a skeleton that was sitting on a table across the room. "Now that was a good turkey.", I whispered to myself while leaning back in my chair.
     Suddenly I heard a faint splashing sound comin
:icongeneral-blackjack:General-Blackjack 24 4


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Guys, due to the huge outage that took place, i am unable to submit my stories at this time. There is no literature option available in the submissions page. Hopefully it will be fixed.



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